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Sweet Potato Pancakes with orange maple butter sauce.

More Chronicle recipes Shown on ABC's NH Chronicle Nov 25,2005

My husband and I were in Vermont in early November. My cooking show 'Cooking with Oonagh' had won first place in the instructional category at a video festival. There were over 440 entries in this North East Regional (New England & New York State) Community Television competition. [By the way, your Community Television channel can get copies of my shows for free by contacting Merrimack.TV or me].

A group of us stopped for breakfast on the way back at a diner known as the Dam Diner. We hadn't realized it actually was close to a real dam, not the other word. For breakfast I had sweet potato pancakes with buffalo sausages. So they immediately came to mind for a Thanksgiving leftover. I make pancakes from scratch, but if you have to use pancake mix, go ahead. But fresh is so easy. I used plain boiled sweet potato. You could also use the sweet potato mixture from a sweet potato casserole as well. Don't use the marshmallows. If you had roasted the sweet potatoes with salt, pepper and garlic then omit the sugar and add some more garlic to make sweet potato pancakes that could take the place of hash browns for example. I had tried adding some orange rind/zest to pancake. I thought it tasted slightly bitter. Cinnamon to taste or cinnamon sugar and butter on top is good.


  • 1 egg - egg substitute is fine, but make sure it doesn't contain onion or garlic powder in the list of ingredients.
  • 1 c all purpose flour
  • 3/4 c milk - 1% is fine, plus more to thin pancake slightly
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • 1-2 cups of mashed sweet potato


1. Beat egg with mixer until fluffy - about 1 minute. Beat in remaining ingredients until just smooth. With addition of sweet potato the batter is stiff, so add some more milk and cook one small test pancake for both texture and to see if you want to add more sugar, cinnamon etc. It's all down to your own personal taste.

2. Heat non stick skillet over medium heat, grease if necessary. I normally make 1/3 c pancakes. For Chronicle I made tiny 3 inch pancakes in a 'silver dollar pancake' pan which has recesses for the pancakes so they form a perfect circle and puff up more.

3. Cook pancakes gently until holes are showing on the top but not completely dry. Flip and cook second side for short period of time.

4. Serve with orange maple butter sauce. I keep my maple syrup in the freezer since maple syrup will go moldy if not kept in the freezer. Mix ¼ cup of thawed orange juice concentrate (I use frozen Tropicana with no pulp) with ¼ cup of maple syrup and ¼ cup butter and stir well to combine. It will solidify on top as it cools so reheat gently.

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