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The Finale - Chocolate Fondue

Where would we be without chocolate? Originating in South America and now an integral part of our daily lives, particularly that certain time of the month when we are now told that chocolate contains ingredients that definitely help with those mood swings. Science is at last on our side allowing us to eat chocolate without guilt.

Fondues became be very popular in Europe in the 70ís and 80ís for Dinner Parties. The word Fondue comes from the French to melt. While I was training in Switzerland, along with other students, we experimented with many cheese fondues with local cheeses. We came up with some quite amazing combinations Ė not all of them were edible. Itís the custom in Switzerland to receive a Raclette set as well as beef and cheese fondue sets as wedding presents. I bought my fondue sets in France and have enjoyed many fondue parties.

This Chocolate fondue is sooooo good! The only time consuming part is preparing the fruit, but believe me, itís worth the work. The taste of hot rich chocolate on cool, juicy strawberries (buy local) or ripe, fresh pineapple is indescribable. So indulge yourself and your guests.


  • 4 bars of 3.52 oz Toblerone milk chocolate or 2 x 7 oz bars of Hersheyís Symphony milk chocolate with almonds and toffee. They also make straight milk chocolate if you donít want the nuts. Symphony is an excellent milk chocolate without the high price of imported Swiss chocolate.
  • Ĺ c heavy or whipping cream
  • ľ c liqueur such as Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Peppermint Schnapps, or brandy.


1. In a nonstick saucepan, heat the cream gently until bubbles are just appearing around the edges.

2. Add the chocolate, stirring until melted and well blended.

3. Stir in liqueur and heat gently until mix is smooth and glossy. Donít add liqueur if you donít want to. Add more cream if sauce thickens too much.

Use for dipping cubed angel food cake, strawberries, melon, pineapple, orange slices or cherries. The sauce tends to slide off banana slices and pound cake is too dense. Arrange the fruit in the tray you would normally use for a vegetable tray. Serve with small plates for guests so they can take a selection of fruit on their plate and just pour some chocolate sauce over. There is no need to use fondue forks. This is also excellent as an ice cream pouring sauce. The sauce will keep in the fridge for about a week.

Oonagh Williams, proprietor of Royal Temptations, has a Culinary Arts degree, offers a Personal Chef service, teaches a variety of classes in International Cooking, and makes regular appearances on WMUR ABC Channel 9's Cooks' Corner. You can contact Oonagh at 603-424-6412.

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Last modified: June 30, 2000
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