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1999 TV Show Recipe Archive

I make regular appearances on ABC WMUR-TV Channel 9's Cooks' Corner, and provide the recipe for the subscription newsletter. For your convenience, the recipe with more advice, will also appear on my web site a few days later. Here's the 1999 show recipe archive. Feel free to browse and enjoy these recipes. They're fast loading and printer friendly!

You can find my current TV show recipes here.

1999 Broadcast Show Recipe Archive

Date Time Theme / Recipe
December 29 4 PM Easy Chocolate Mousse So delicious, it tastes wonderful!
December 8 4 PM Wicked Chocolate Cake
November 3 4 PM Pumpkin Cheesecake reduced fat - tastes great!
October 4 PM Chicken Wellington
September 17 4 PM Apple Cheesecake
August 25 4 PM Chocolate Chip Cake
July 5 4 PM Caramel Cheesecake reduced fat
June 21 4 PM Taco Dip
June 9 4 PM Strawberry Shortcake
January 4 PM Artichoke Dip reduced fat - tastes great!

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