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It was wonderful - Certainly brought back wonderful memories. I had almost forgotten about my mother's good cooking. I have to come back. You are wonderful!

FS, Lithuanian Class student

Variety of class cuisines

I teach Adult International Cooking classes both day and evening. Here's some testimonials about my food and teaching style. You can also see actual comments from students of my classes.

One of the public classes I teach is International Cooking made Easy at the local High School. It runs for 10 weeks for 2½ hours once a week.

The normal routine is that I demonstrate and cook an entrée and dessert one week. We all sit down and enjoy it, and the class splits the food cost. The following week everyone brings in their own ingredients to make a completely different entrée and dessert (or night of baking, or appetizers etc) which they then take home to share and enjoy with their family.

The class participants get to choose what dishes they want to see me demonstrate or make themselves apart from the first two classes when I obviously don't know what people want to do.

This is what we did in a recent 10 week session.

  • Chocolate fondue with fruit and angel food cake. Fondue made from real chocolate, cream and liqueurs.
  • Shrimp and artichoke dip.
  • Beef Stroganoff - sirloin steak in a rich onion, mushroom, sour cream sauce.
  • Kahlúa tipsy cake - from scratch, all in one, gold cake saturated with a coffee Kahlúa syrup once cool and smothered in whipped cream with more Kahlúa.
  • Spanish Paella- rice dish with onions, bell peppers, chicken, pork, spicy sausage, calamari, shrimp.
  • Margarita Cheesecake - refrigerated cheesecake with pretzel base and plenty of tequila and orange liqueur in the cheesecake. Wow.
  • Pork tenderloin slices in a lemon yogurt sauce with zucchini, squash, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms. Finished with fresh sage.
  • Almond raspberry cake. Dense (all in one) cake made with ground almonds, brushed with raspberry syrup and raspberry liqueur, filled and covered with white chocolate ganache.
  • Sushi (actually California rolls) of nori sheets with sushi rice, imitation crab, real imported smoked salmon, avocado and cucumber with wasabi.
  • Satay - Strips of pork steak cooked in a spicy peanut sauce (heat factor easily adjustable) served with
  • Chinese Coleslaw - coleslaw with Asian style dressing, toasted noodles, and nuts.
  • Beef and Guinness stew with genuine Irish Soda bread - both my parents were born and raised in Southern Ireland so I've always made soda bread and never used caraway seeds. And it doesn't taste of metal like store bought. Then I cheat and make chocolate chip soda bread scones - truly addictive.
  • Crab stuffed mushrooms - plenty of crab in a creamy base not just dry breadcrumbs. Amazingly popular.
  • Chinese Chicken and Corn soup - Ready to eat in about 20 minutes. Kids love it as well as being special for a dinner party.
  • Apricot/Almond Cake - All in one cake with a soft toffee and almond topping. After the class tried this (and there is normally absolute silence while it's being eaten warm from the oven and then fights for seconds), one of the participants made it four times the following week for her family.
  • Beef Bracciole - classic Italian recipe of beef with sausage stuffing cooked in a rich tomato and wine sauce.
  • Beef Rouladen - German recipe of beef with bacon, pickles and mustard stuffing cooked in a beef, mushrooms and sour cream gravy. Served with spaetzle - homemade noodles, made in a flash.
  • Mud Pie - rich shortbread tasting pie crust made in a pan and rolled out between plastic wrap and baked with a gooey, fudgy brownie type filling. Topped with cream and shaved chocolate. Heaven.
  • Tex mex Dip - A dip to keep us going while we cooked. cheeses, salsa, chipotle peppers, herbs, served with baked pita bread and raw vegetables.
  • Apple Cake with cream cheese frosting - frosting tastes like melted Ben and Jerry's vanilla ice cream in my opinion. Class put extra dollops of frosting on the cake, warm from the oven.
  • Classic Quiche Lorraine with a pie crust stirred together of oil and 1% milk, and rolled out between plastic wrap.
  • Spinach and Sun dried tomato Quiche . This can also be made crustless as a frittata or served as a side dish.
  • Fresh Asparagus in an orange, hazelnut oil and herb vinaigrette. Served as a salad, side dish or fancy appetizer with shrimp to garnish.
  • Crepes Suzette - thin French crepes with butter, sugar and liqueur filling, flamed with more liqueur.
  • Crepes with shrimp, crab and asparagus in a cream, herb and wine sauce.
  • Mexican roll ups - soft flour tortillas with a ricotta cheese, diced ham, herbs and pepper jelly filling topped with a sweet corn, onion and bell pepper cream sauce.
  • Individual Kahlua cheesecake mousse topped with whipped cream and chocolate curls.
  • Cinnamon Monkey bread - home made, quickly made yeast bread dough pieces with butter, cinnamon sauce and topped with cream cheese frosting once cool.

Some of my 2008 classes
  • Chef2 Winter 2008 Themed 'International Cooking Made Easy' group classes in Merrimack.
  • Chef2 Summer 2008 Themed 'International Cooking Made Easy' group classes in Merrimack. First class January 25.
  • Chef2 Back by popular demand - 2008 'International Cooking Made Easy' classes at Merrimack High School. Sign up by January 18.
  • Private classes
    Think of this as your own private dinner party. As I demonstrate, you'll see how easy the meal is to prepare. Then enjoy eating a tempting appetizer, and a wonderful entree followed by an indulgent dessert.

    I enjoy sharing whatever I've learned by teaching private groups in my home or yours. Learn while having fun and enjoy a fine meal with your friends in the comfort of your own home. I offer food that ranges from Grandma's Comfort Food to exquisite Gourmet International Cuisine and almost everything in between.

    Celebrate a special occasion with a party or a cooking class. Prices start at only $60 per person, food included, for a four course meal. 6 people minimum. Parties are customized and individually priced.

    In classes, the emphasis is on having fun while learning how to cook new dishes that everyone will enjoy. I bring you professional secrets that remove the mystique and make the preparation of delicious meals with fresh ingredients easy, and fun!

    How about inviting six or more people to participate in a special cooking experience at home?

    Let's talk and see how I can make your life easier.

    Join the fun!

    For more details just e-mail me! or call me at 603-424-6412
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