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Tasty Home Made Soups

French Onion Soup
A rich tasting broth, filled with caramelized onions that scents the air and fills your mouth with the flavor of onions, wine and herbs used to make the soup. Finished with croutons and grated Swiss and smoked Gouda for a memorable meal.

White Fish Chowder
My husband and son like clam chowder and I don't. So this was my creation of fish chowder without clams. Filled with cod or haddock, onions, carrots and potatoes in a creamy broth that is slightly sweet due to a smooth tomato base. Bay scallops and shrimp added when available.

Mushroom Soup
This is the mushroom soup I grew up on. A rich, creamy slightly textured soup, seasoned with sherry and parsley. Even the kids love this one.

Leek and Barley
This is an Irish recipe. At my cousins farm in Ireland we would constantly have fresh leeks from the kitchen garden. Leeks look like an oversized green onion but have an amazingly mild, sweet flavor. Once cooked with barley and other vegetables, you enjoy a soup that warms you through and through.

Hearty Vegetable
This is based on a soup I had at Pickety Place. Onions, carrots, celery, squash and corn are cooked together to produce a winter warmer that with the addition of beans is also full of protein and tastes wonderful.

Curried Peanut Soup
I know, this sounds like some vegetarian nightmare and you are convinced of it when I mention it also contains brown rice. But, do not be deceived. Once melded together this is a rich, creamy soup subtly made hearty by the brown rice and gently enhanced by a mild curry taste.

Chicken Cordon Bleu soup
You all know that chicken cordon bleu is chicken breasts filled with Swiss cheese and ham and then deep fried. I take the chicken, ham and cheese and cook it with vegetables in broth and milk and by using low fat cheese and skim milk you have an extraordinary taste sensation that is actually low fat, but no one would believe it. This is the soup to serve to impress company who come for the weekend.

Beef and Tomato soup
This is a variation of my fish chowder. I use roast beef, sweet potatoes and tomatoes for a soup that is full of flavor and just right for our chilly New England winters.

Cream of broccoli soup
A fresh tasting soup of broccoli, bacon, onions and garlic in broth with the addition of reduced fat cream cheese and milk for richness. This has a delightfully fresh flavor from the broccoli.

Broccoli and Vegetable soup
Broccoli, carrots, onions and garlic simmered together in broth until tender, with the addition of milk and chick peas for a heartier broccoli soup that is just what you need to wake up those taste buds.

Sausage and Vegetable soup
Another variation of my fish chowder this time with sweet Italian sausage (normally turkey for the flavor but not the fat) cooked with potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots and tomatoes for a spicier soup that makes you come back for seconds.

Chicken Noodle soup
You know what they say about chicken soup. It is good for whatever ails you! Chunks of chicken and carrots as well as onions, celery and garlic cooked together in broth with the addition of tiny Ditalini pasta so you can taste it all in a single spoonful.

Shrimp and Crab Bisque
A rich, creamy soup with a slight bite to it with crab and shrimp added. What more can I say? It vanishes whenever I make it.

Cold Raspberry Soup
Raspberries, wine, cream blended into a refreshing summer appetizer or dessert.

Cold Blueberry Soup
The same idea as the raspberry soup

Cold Beet Soup (Bortsch)
Cooked beets, cucumber, dill, sour cream etc made into a really refreshing summer soup.

Minestrone Soup
My favorite variation. Ground Italian sausage, lots of vegetables, tomatoes and pasta for an extremely hearty soup.

Curried Squash soup
Squash, apples, onions, carrots blended together into a creamy soup with the slight bite from curry.

Sun Dried tomato soup
Very similar to my favorite can of Heinz soup from England. (I know, soup from a can, but I grew up on this soup, love it and my son and husband both love it. Sun dried tomatoes, juice, stock, sherry come together in a soup very different from the canned tomato soups available in the stores.

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