Ten ways Chef Oonagh can help you

1. Individual Home and Kitchen visits

Chef Oonagh will help you identify sources of cross contamination or hidden gluten in your home.

2. Personalized Shopping Trip to your favorite food store

Although Chef Oonagh is not a doctor or nutritionist she knows real tasty healthy food! Learn how to read labels to provide a wider choice of safe foods. Get expert advice on purchasing choices. Chef Oonagh always post on FB when she discovers good gluten free food at reasonable prices.

3. Have a one on one personalized cooking class with Chef Oonagh

Start to enjoy food again, see how many tasty dishes you can easily and safely make. Chef Oonagh was classically trained in London and Switzerland and cooks a huge variety of Ethnic foods, as well as gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian. Chef Oonagh has a cousin with 23 food allergies. Chef Oonagh cooks wonderful tasty safe dishes when she visits. So let Chef Oonagh teach you and help you to enjoy real food.

4. Taste and enjoy New Grains you've heard about.

It can be expensive trying out a new product. Chef Oonagh will introduce you to many of the new grains now on the market. Chef Oonagh will share the brands that she uses and how to cook them. Enjoy amaranth, quinoa, millet, teff, sorghum, buckwheat, etc), high in fiber, calcium, iron, B vitamins, protein and trace minerals. Discover Spanish Rice Quinoa, Leek and Sorghum soup (instead of barley), millet cassoulet, baked goods etc.

5. Enjoy a Girl's Night out/couples night in cooking class/dinner party.

Normally most people just like to watch Chef Oonagh prepare 'real food' from scratch and then sit down and enjoy a meal. You split the bill when you eat out with friends, do the same with Chef Oonagh. Prices start at $75 per person, excluding alcoholic beverages.

6. Have a Lunch and Learn seminar at work on the Power of Food - You are what you eat

Learn about food being 'your best medicine or worst poison'. Chef Oonagh has presented this topic at Celiac Conferences nationwide as well as to the NH Conference on Aging and Boston GreenFest. Everyone needs to know how to eat real food without all the chemicals and preservatives our bodies don't want and don't need. Ask your Employer to contact Chef Oonagh to schedule this fascinating seminar.
Chef Oonagh Williams, who has appeared regularly for many years as the featured Chef on NH's ABC WMUR's Cooks Corner, presents The Power of Food You are what you eat. Food can be the best medicine for your body or the worst poison. Chef Oonagh, has a Culinary Arts degree, always cooked from scratch with real ingredients. She has a deep knowledge of food and presents in a lively, entertaining and informative manner - all with a very British accent.

Chef Oonagh is not going to push a raw food diet (with NH winters, get real!), or have you give up your favorite foods (as if we would want to). Chef Oonagh will help you understand how the food you commonly eat can be causing other problems - beyond high cholesterol but including arthritis, headaches, fatigue etc. Chef Oonagh will explain:

Chef Oonagh discovered when she went totally gluten free - initially because of her son - that her arthritis pains and monthly period pains went away. Be reassured, Chef Oonagh eats real food, enjoys her chocolate, couldn't give up cheese and doesn't follow any strange food plan.

7. Learn about 'the Power of Food' at your local Garden Club, Public Library or Ladies Group.

Learn while enjoying a fun demo and sampling something delicious to eat. Ask your organization to contact Chef Oonagh. Fee (including food) for non-profit groups is $350 (plus mileage).

8. Discover over 70 healthy and tasty recipes

Chef Oonagh's Delicious Gluten Free eCookbook has over 200 pages. Most of the 74 recipes have a full color photo. Enjoy kid friendly gluten free Tollhouse cookies and waffles to adult indulgent Chicken and Buffalo soup, Corned Beef in Beer and even delicious Tiramisu. Email Chef Oonagh or buy in person at an event for just $20.00.

cookbook 200 page Gluten Free e-cookbook with 70 tested Gluten Free recipes. Click the picture to learn more

9. See free Gluten Free advice videos

See Chef Oonagh's GF 101 advice videos at the 'Gluten Free Cooking With Oonagh' channel on Youtube

10. Get free tasty, health recipes, latest tips and advice on Facebook.

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