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Talks on the Power of Food You are what you eat


Chef Oonagh presented this talk at the 40th Annual Gluten Intolerant Group Conference in Atlanta, GA and also at the NH Conference on Aging , both in May 2014. Chef Oonagh has also presented several times at the Boston Celiac conferences , the largest Celiac Disease support group in the country.

Chef Oonagh Williams, who has appeared regularly for many years as the featured Chef on NH's ABC WMUR's Cooks Corner, presents The Power of Food You are what you eat. Food can be the best medicine for your body or the worst poison. Chef Oonagh, has a Culinary Arts degree, always cooked from scratch with real ingredients. She has a deep knowledge of food and presents in a lively, entertaining and informative manner - all with a very British accent.

Chef Oonagh is not going to push a raw food diet (with NH winters, get real!), or have you give up your favorite foods (as if we would want to). Chef Oonagh will help you understand how the food you commonly eat can be causing other problems - beyond high cholesterol but including arthritis, headaches, fatigue etc. Chef Oonagh will explain:

Chef Oonagh discovered when she went totally gluten free - initially because of her son - that her arthritis pains and monthly period pains went away. Be reassured, Chef Oonagh eats real food, enjoys her chocolate, couldn't give up cheese and doesn't follow any strange food plan.

This interactive talk is $10 per person, in a group class. Duration is about 2 hours. Location is at YCD Holistic Healing, Nahua NH - see the
"Talks and Workshop information" on this page .

For more details just e-mail Chef Oonagh or call her at 603-424-6412

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